4Secret Steps to Calm down ThePiles Problem for a Good Relief

Another word for piles is Hemorrhoids, which is one of the most common complaints of many people today. One of the main factors responsible for piles is a poor diet pattern. If left untreated, these can turn out to be painful and irritable.

Below are the steps to get rid of piles permanently from your systems:

  • 1.      Calm downthe pain:

If you go for the Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles, the first focus on the treatment would be to calm down the pain. The most affected patients who find it difficult even to sit during piles, need to take a sitz bath. In simple terms, it means to take a bath by immersing your butt and hips in the water. The immersion must be in still water and not in flowing water in the tub. This will provide a good amount of relief from the pain as it releases the stress from the anal muscles. Ensure that you do this in warm water and for quick relief, you may also immerse some Epsom salt to the water.

  • 2.      Do not use scented wipes:

Come out of your childhood, with those sweet scented baby wipes. Adult strong scented wipes may make it more irritable for the affected area. To prevent the irritation, you may either use cotton or cotton soft, dry wipes and gently wipe the area after every bowel movement. Do not wipe your butts or anal area with the wipes after the sitz bath and do not be hard by using a towel too. Just pat dry like normally how you would do it with a little baby.

  • 3.      Use baby wipes for some days:

If the irritation is worse, you must switch to using baby wipes for some days, till the area calms down and cures the rashes. Even if you use baby wipes, ensure that you use those soft, dry baby wipes and not the scented ones. Applying a little olive oil on the area can also help you to calm down the pain and rashes, as Olive oil is considered to bea pretty rich antioxidant.

  • 4.      Use tea bags:

This may sound weird, but as a natural way, even tea bags work best to soothe the pain of the anal area caused due to piles. Rub gently a warm wet tea bag on the anal area when you go to the toilet. Do not forget to check if the tea bag is not too hot. Tea bag has some natural ingredients like astringent which will help you to reduce the swelling and give some warmth to your affected area. There are avariety of herbal teas and Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles, that are easily available in the market. You may even check with your health care provider, to recommend you some good medicines in the herbal category.

Do not be too hard on yourself, while suffering from piles and stay relaxed as much as you can.

About the Author:

Madison Kemeco is an author of the book, ‘natural ways to heal piles’. The book is quite short to read and speaks more about the benefits of using Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles.