Can sleep Paralysis lead to Death?

Some of the diseases are there that can damage the human body terribly. Few of them are visible also, and among such diseases, the sleep paralysis is a notable one. Many people believe that the body needs sufficient rest and it is possible to offer such rest only with the help of sleep. So if there is sleep paralysis, can it prove fatal for the patient? This question is very tricky as it can be seen from both sides. People, who have experienced sleep paralysis, can give scary experience. In this case, theperson will feel like suffocated as they are not able to move their fingers and limbs because of non-functioning of muscles. The answer to the above question is hard to find.

We have seen couples of options where the human dies due to thefailure of heart along with suffocations and other kinds of diseases which are not curable ones. In case of sleep paralysis, theperson will feel about suffocation, and they will find themselves inactive where they cannot move their hands along with limbs.

Answer to the above question

The answer here is NO in response to the above question as sleep paralysis will not cause death. It will not stop your heart as you may see in heart failure or heart attacks.  It is such a critical condition in which patients feel some kind of pressure on their chest as someone is pressing it from thetop. In this condition, they are unable to make body movement nor capable of saying anything. According to doctors, it is anatural phenomenon which occurs when patients sleep and then get up again.

 It is also concluded that in such condition, patient’s body is in REM,i.e., rapid eye movement where your eyes are in movement, and you are unable to awake or rest. If this process occurs when patients go to sleep is known by the name as Hypnologic and on the other side, if aperson is getting out of rest then it is known by Hypnopompic.  It mostly occursto those patients who have stress and tension problem. The mind works much during the stress condition, and hence one may feel insufficient sleep which can cause amuch negative effect on other parts of the body including mind and heart.

Sleep paralysis will not lead to death

 Sleep paralysis will not lead to death as it is having some symptoms of

Awake feeling- According to patients in those conditions, has full senses and knows what is happening around their surroundings. They can see everything near around but are unable to make any kind of movement.

Unable to do anything– Patients reported that they are unable to do anything when they have astroke of paralysis. They also say that some external forces are there which stops them to do any kind of movement.

Difficulty in Breathing– according to patients, there is someone who is trying to choke them by putting pressure on their chest.

Thus from above points, we can conclude that sleeping paralysis will not lead to death. However, it can surely damage the organs of the body.


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